Published by inne on Friday, July 1, 2016

NeverSSL: A website for when you try to open Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc on a wifi network, and nothing happens. Type into your browser’s url bar, and you’ll be able to log on…
ShellCheck: Finds bugs in your shell scripts.
BlaBlaMeter: BlaBlaMeter – wie viel Bullshit steckt in Ihrem Text?
Rainforest Conservation Fund: Ensuring the future of tropical rainforests through practical solutions and with respectful commitment to local people. Kauf eine Sternschnuppe Bete mit dem Papst
The anti sozial network:,, Video Downloader for Android based on the popular python app ‘youtube-dl’ Rodent Problem? Metasiel® schafft dauerhaft wasserdichte Untergründe Danke sagen! die weibliche Intimzone als Abreißkalender The home for evil, twisted, psycho, drunk, stoned, and generally unruly gnomes. Christopher Muclumbus: A listing of public XMPP/Jabber chat rooms/groups. The world’s leading resource for climate solutions.
URL Shortener:,,
Dave Pollot – Oil on Thrift Art:,,